ewa-marine CA adapter set


ewa-marine, made in Germany since 1947 made with optical grade, mineral glas

ewa-marine CA adapter-system

- avoids reflexions or other optical disturbances

order code: see below under "different versions"


The patented CA system was invented and developed by ewa-marine to allow the lens of a camera to be fixed to the front port of a housing or rain cape. It ensures that the surface of the lens and that of the housings front port are permanently paralell to each other, thus ensureing that there are nor reflections or other optical disturbances between these two glass surfaces. Due to the CA system, the front port has the same effect as a clear glass filter would have in every day photography.


The CA system is composed of a filter-ring and a fixing-ring
For video housings we generally supply the appropriate ring for the most popular camcorders. Due to the enormous range of camcorders and the fact that some manufacturers chose obscure, new filter threads for every new modle, you might have to purchase an additional reduction adapter to fit the CA system to the filter thread of your camcorder. These reduction adaptors are available from every well stocked photo dealer.
A tip for users of Panasonic camcorders and their generics: In some cases it would seem, that the camcorder does not hav a filter thread! This is not true. For design reasons the manufacturer has fitted the camcorder with a dummy that is screwd into the tread. Turn and unscrew this lens surround (normally chromed plastic) to gain acess to the filter thread.
The SLR-housings of the U-F.. range are sold with one fixing-ring and the following selection of filter-rings:

49, 52, 55, 58 and 62mm

Filter rings for the sizes 67mm and 72mm are available as an option and can be ordered through your dealer.

If you have an autofocus SLR with an internally focusing lens (please note, only fully internally focusing lenses!), you can also purchase a CAF system for your housings to replace the AV100 or AV110 for easier assembly.

screw the filter-ring onto the lens of the camera or camcorder.
Then take the fixing-ring into both hands and clip it into the grove of the filter-ring as seen in the sketch above.
The camera can now be put into the housing and then fixed to the front port by gently pushing the port over the lens.

Special Adapter for 77 und 82mm filterthreads

For filterthreads of 77 and 82mm we offer custom made aluminium adapters. These screw on to the filterthread and fix the lens with our front port.

Order codes:

CA-Set CA set for filter threads of 49, 52, 55, 58, 62 mm diameter

CA-49 CA rings for a filter thread, diameter: 49 mm

CA-52 CA rings for a filter thread, diameter: 52 mm

CA-55 CA rings for a filter thread, diameter: 55 mm

CA-58 CA rings for a filter thread, diameter: 58 mm

CA-62 CA rings for a filter thread, diameter: 62 mm

CA-67 CA rings for a filter thread, diameter: 67 mm

CA-72 CA rings for a filter thread, diameter: 72 mm

CA-77 CA rings for a filter thread, diameter: 77 mm

CA-82 CA rings for a filter thread, diameter: 82 mm