local dealer and distributor information for ewa-marine in your area and country.

ewa-marine under water housings and rain capes are available around the world through our network of dedicated distributors and local dealers. If you are from one of the following countries, please contact our local distributor directly. They will be happy to point you to a dealer in your area as well as pricing information and after sales service.

the world of ewa-marine

For the tree major English speaking countries and markets the distributor details are:

USA & Canada:
RTS Inc.

phone: +1-631-242-68 01
fax.: +1-631-2 42 68 08
eMail: rtsinc@rcn.com


Great Britain:

Cameras Underwater

phone: +44-14 04-81 22 77
eMail: sales@camerasunderwater.co.uk



ewa-marine Australia

phone (0421) 309 539
fax.: (03) 8361 7444
eMail: info@ewa-marine.com.au

ewa-marine GmbH is a German company and all our products are made in our factory in Wolfratshausen (just south of Munich, Bavaria). To provide the best possible after sales service, we have set up an international network of distributores around the world. These ewa-marine service partners stock product as well as spare parts to ensure fast and cost effective service, if and when you need it. Our partners and local dealers are based int he photographic or professional video and film industry. In some cases they have actually sepcialised in underwater film and photography. Most of our partners have been with us for many decades and aer able to help with tips and advice over and above the normal customer service you might normally expect. So, please understand, that we can only supply our domestic, German market directly.

Prices for ewa-marine products can vary internationally due to the specific shipping costs, customs and tax situation in regards to your home country as well a exchange rate fluctuations.