Super-8 film cameras

Starting in 1970, ewa-marine manufactured a wide range of under water housings for super-8 film cameras.

Although we stopped production many years ago, there are still may units that are technically ok. and these do appear in second hand shops and internet platforms like from time to time. To enable you find information on these housings and cross reference to the appropriate super-8 film cameras, we have included this section from our old product specification sheet in our home page.

Please note: These housings were designed for super-8 units. Using photographic cameras or video camcorders in these units could lead to damage of both housing and camera. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of cameras not recommended for the specific housing will be rejected.

Please note, that this list covers most, but not all super-8 housings produced by ewa-marine. Further more, in the 70-ies, we were using a "UW-" model code for some of these housings. e.g. the housing shown as a U-BRC was being sold as an UW-BRC. Technically there was no difference.
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