Take your digital camera with you,
were ever you want to go....

And with our new SplashiX range you don't even have to spend a lot of money!

For only 45 $US / 45 €uro (recommended retail price in the US and Germany) it will be protected your camera from sand, dust and water. You can even take it under water!

SplashiX comes in a selection of sizes to fit all compact, digital cameras. Just measure the depth and hight of your camera to check which one will fit. Or use the easy template on the back of the packaging to check.

Naturally, all SplashiX housings are made by ewa-marine in Germany and only come with an HD-quality, optical glass front port, to ensure that you can get perfect quality pictures.

To find out more about SplashiX housings and which housing to get four your camera, please click:

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Don't compromise....
Use a SplashiX!

Made by the manufacturer of the original flexible housing:

We've been making flexible housings since 1969.

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