ewa-marine VC-1L rain cape
camera and tripod not included with the ewa-marine raincape

The VC-1L raincape is a derivative of the well known VC-MC raincape and replaces it. It was specially developed to match the requirements of the new camcorder generations and offers a lot of advantages compared to the VC-MC raincape.

The camera is attached to the front port, by means of an ewa-marine C-A52 adapter. This patented system attaches the cape to the camcorder and holds the front port in front of the lens like an optional, clear filter.
Due to the new design, it is now possible to open a flap on the cape in order to use the cameras LCD-monitor. This ideal for tripod operation. 

The VC-1L raincape is manufactured from special PVC and has an integrated, optically neutral flat glass port.

The VC-1L can be closed by means of press-studs at the bottom.

The VC-1L raincape is designed for bigger camcorders till a maximum length of 23cm (9,1 inches).

Attention please:
Please note that you might have to buy a step-up ring to connect the filter thread of your camcorder to the 52mm filter of the ewa-marine CA52 supplied with the cape. These are sold separately.




225 mm / ( 8 7/8 inches )


80 mm / ( 3 1/8 inches )
16 cm / ( 6 1/3 inches ) with LCD open


240 mm / ( 9 3/8 inches )

position of view finder

large, central

front glass diameter

75 mm / ( 3 inches )


about 240 g / ( 0,53 lbs )

You will receive the following with your new VC-1L raincape:

  • CAF Ring with 52mm filterthread
  • Adapter with 49mm filterthread
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