Housings for Digital Cameras

All ewa-marine housings are made with optical grade, glass front ports for professional grade photography.

ewa-marine has a wide range of housings for digital cameras.

Ever since the introduction of compact digital cameras in the late 90's ewa-marine has made a wide range of housings specifically designed for the different ranges cameras from the leading manufacturers. Altough most of these housings can be used for more than one camera model, thes are desiged for maximum usability and perfest photographic results with the cameras they are intended for.

In adition also we have a few more "universal" housings that can be used for the more basic cameras on the market. These tend to compromise usability for the advantage of fitting a larger selection of cameras, including those from the less well known brands.

Please click this link, to find the right housing for you camera !

(for digital SLR cameras {cameras where the lense can be changed} please click here for more details....)


Some examples of our digital housings
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