Under water housings for SLR Cameras

ewa-marine started manufacturing under water housings for SLR cameras in 1971. Since then these cameras have developed a lot. This has led the current situation where we have three ranges of housings for SLR cameras:


The U-A-Series is made for regular SLR cameras uttelising the cameras autofocus to operate the cameras lens.

These housings will accept most modern analog and digital SLRs. The great advantage is, that you can use them with a range of cameras. So the housing will not only be usable with you old and your current SLR, but most probably with the camera you will buy in a few years time as well.

Depending on the model, The U-A-Series is designed for a dive depth from 20m / 60 ft to 50m / 150 ft

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The U-B-Series was designed for the larger, modern, digital SLRs like Nikon D300, D800, D3, D4 und Canon 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, EOS 1DX and similar cameras. These Cameras are too bulky around the shutter relase to fit in the U-A-Series

Depending on the model, The U-B-Series is designed for a dive depth from 20m / 60 ft to 50m / 150 ft

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The U-F-Series was originally designed in 1971. Back then SLRs generally did not come with autofocus or automatic film transport. The lens had to be focused by hand before each shot an the film winder operated by hand. AS this is still the case with some cameras from manufacturers like Leica and the fact, that the quality of the photos ensure the survival of this technology, we never stopped developing and updating the U-F-Series and are still manufacturing them today.

Depending on the model, The U-F-Series is designed for a dive depth from 10m / 30 ft. The limiting factor is caused due to operating difficulties of the hand in the glove below this depth.

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