New hard front port for compact housings

In order to allow the sensitive zoom lenses of modern compact, digital cameras to operate without any interference, we have developed our new, hard front port assembly. This new front port is welded directly onto the ewa-marine housing thus ensuring a safe and extremely strong bond between the housing and the port.

Naturally, the new, hard port assembly also includes an optical grade front port to allow distortion free, high quality photography with the camera inside the housing. [more....]

The new front port is replacing the old flexible tubus with the internal, hard adaptor tube, as sold previously with older versions of housings like the D-CP2 or D-LI2. The name and applications of the housings have stayed the same. But the new port has improved the usability on the newer versions.

In some cases the housings will also include a soft rubber ring. This ring can be fitted into the front port assembly from inside the housing, if required, to allow the zoom lens an extra 10mm (3/8 inch) when fully extended length. This adapter can also be purchased as an accessory, if needed.


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