The ewa-marine History

Mr Hans J. Goedeck, our CEO from 1949 until 1998 and inventor of the flexible housing, at the Photokina trade show in Colonge in 1986

Our company was founded in 1947 in Tutzing on lake Starnberger near Munich, Germany. Under the name of "Goedecke GmbH & CO". (GmbH being the German equivilant of a Ltd. company ) We were in the textile manufacturing business producing ladies and gents fashion for the German market. Everything started, right after the war and before the introduction of the DM here in Germany, with old military, war surplus, silk parachutes, that were being used to manufacture lady blouses for a prominent Munich chain of department stores. The 60ies, with cheap production plants opening around the world, were the beginning of the end of textile manufacturing in Germany, textile industry and almost also for the Goedecke GmbH & CO.


Then over 40 years ago, back in 1969, Mr Goedecke, who is an avid amateur photographer as well as a water sports fan, and the idea to develop flexible housing his camera from salt water and set. The result was the first flexible ewa-marine underwater housing. As a result of photographic industry was chosen to be the future core market for the company and we introduced the first range of products at Photokina in 1970. The range grew quickly to cover a wide spectrum of products for super-8 cameras, like mechanical title generators and camera gloves. Alas, the demise of this kind of camera, also lead to an end of this range and it was decided to concentrate on underwater camera housings. The company name is also changed from Goedecke GmbH & CO. to ewa-marine GmbH, ewa-marine having been the name of the underwater range up to then, to reflect this development.



The control of the technically sensitive production methods with HF (high frequency) folienschweissanlagen led to the fact that beside the hauptprodukten, which UW housings, also still another multiplicity of other articles, usually waterproof coverings or flexible containers for technical devices are produced. This brings in the call for the enterprise as a recognized specialist in this area.

Particularly into the 70ern under the name "ewa" a whole series of accessory products for Super-8 movie cameras were developed. Like were our mentioned already above ewa tex products in addition, LINE of run title devices, manuals, focusing levers and Filmrueckspuler, in order to call only some the products. With the from for the Super-8 camera, also these products of the market are to be only found disappeared and today in our museum.ewa-marine U-BR for Super-8 cameras

The end for the range of the textile manufacturing was at that time also the end for the location Tutzing. The products, which conquered the world under the label name "ewa", were manufactured in Ottobrunn at the company Goedecke and a close supplier, Mr. Striteski. 1989 had become the premises in Ottobrunn then finally too closely and the company pulled into a new building in the Liebigstrasse 9, in Kirchheim with Munich.Dying the other products under the designation "ewa" into the 80ern was also a reason, why Mr. Goedecke came in the year 1992 to the conclusion that with a meditation on the actual, new chain business also the name of the company ewa-marine should be adapted. Thus became from the "Goedecke GmbH & CO." the "ewa-marine Kunststofftechnik" GmbH.

In the year 1998 a new, substantial change came for the ewa navy. Mr. Goedecke had finally found a successor for his company after long looking for. To 16 December 1998 the contract was signed and Mrs. Giselheid Schmidt and Mr. Christian Schmidt starting from 1 January 1999 the two new partners of the ewa-marine plastics engineering. Thus not, on 1 January 1999 the ewa-marine changed enough over then your complete bookkeeping and belongs the entire exchange to the new euro and thereby to the all first companies in Europe, which carried out this step as for all visible indication of our confidence in the future of Europe and the future of our enterprise.

After a phase of consolidation the ewa-marine started to grow again and we soonteh need for more space became a priority. As a result it was decided to move to new, larger premises on the st1 November 2003 . At our new location in the Blumen Str. 17, in Geretsried, and under the stream lined name "ewa-marine GmbH" adopted to empesise our core business we are now planing a new phase of growth in the interest of our customers, products and the future of the world wide ewa-marine team.

All our products are manufactured, examined still exclusively in our work in Geretsried developed, in a complex procedure and packed and sent away for the national and international trade.

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