Optisches Frontglas

Wir verwenden ausschließlich gehärtetes, optisches Mineralglas zur Herstellung des Frontglases bei den ewa-marine Unterwassergehäusen.

We manufacture a substantial number of housings for film and broadcast production companies. These users need perfect, optical quality front ports to ensure the results required for television and cinemas. Soft plastic or injection moulded plastic lenses are not perfectly plane / do not have perfectly parallel sides, this distorts the picture and breaking the light unevenly. Cheap solutions generate cheap results...

But, as far as we are concerned, the normal consumer customer also has the right to demand the same perfect quality in his housing. After all, your pictures mean a lot to you, don't they? For this reason we use the same high quality glass to manufacture the front ports of the standard, consumer housings. Or suppliers are experienced companies in the optical industry here in Germany and manufacturers of optical glass and lenses for medical, industrial and photographic applications.

We know: If you want high quality results in film and photography, you need high quality where its matters. At the front port. That's why, ewa-marine only usees optical grade glass in all ewa-marine housings and rain capes.



Szene aus einer TV-Produktion von: rTV productions Roman Teufel
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