All ewa-marine products are designed, developed and made exclusively in the ewa-marine factory in Wolfratshausen, about 30 km / 20 miles south of Munich in Germany.

We also believe that sourcing all mayor components, such as the plastic, closing ratio components, front port assembly and the optical grade glass front port directly from local Germany suppliers is another important aspect to ensure the highest possible product quality. The “buy local / buy “made in Germany” quality concept allows us total control over all manufacturing steps in the making of your ewa-marine housing.

After all: ewa-marine flexible housings have been made since 1970. And as we supply a substantial quantity units to the professional users in the film, broadcast and stills photo industry, we can not allow inferior products, in material or in the picture quality, to reach the user.

Our quality concept has proven itself over the years and we are proud to say:”If you buy an ewa-marine housing, you buy 100% quality made in Germany”

Our factory in Geretsried

If you have Google Earth installed on your PC or Apple, you can find our factory by clicking:
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The plastic comes to the factory on rolls
every housing is tested before shipping
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