ewa-marine photo products

ewa-marine photo housings are suitable for nearly all types of compact - and SLR cameras, often also with winder, zoom lens , flash gun and autofocus lens (please check the appropriate category in the left hand navigation frame). These housings are very robust, despite their light weight of approximately 500 gr., to offer a long and dependable service life.

The ewa-marine camera housing will not only enable you to take impressive underwater shots at depth of 10, 20 or even 50 metres (depending on the type of housing) but also allow you to take your camera into the most hostile environment (humidity, seawater, spray, sand, dust) without having to fear for the safety of your camera and lens.

The special sheeting used for the housings is moulded and welded by elaborate process. They are fitted with a front port made of neutral, high quality optical glass. These and a number of other features (depending on the model) will help you shoot pictures that will be the envy of your friends.


All ewa-marine housings are made with optical grade, glass front ports for professional grade photography.
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