What is the "Silica-gel" supposed to be good for ?

Air, especially warm air in the vicinity of water, contains moisture. This moisture gets caught in the housing when you install your camera or camcorder. When you enter the cooler water, this moisture will appear as drops of condensation on the front port, the lens or on the body of the camera. This phenomena can be eliminated by adding a "silica-gel" drying agent into the housing. The more humid the air, the more you will need. Add the sachets and close the housing about 15-20 minutes before diving to give chemicals time to act.

Our CD-5, "camera dry" is supplied as standard with all video and SLR-housings. The moisture will change the colour of the crystals from blue to pink, when saturated. They can be dried again in the sun or with a hair dryer. This process can be repeated 4-5 times.

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